Pre orders

Pre orders Terms, Conditions and Policies.

We solicit pre orders based on information given to us by the manufacturer. This includes pricing, expected release date and product description. From time to time, due to inaccuracies or changes beyond our control, it may be necessary to adjust any or all of this information. Usually the most frequent change is a release date push. However, should a price be grossly inaccurate do to a manufacturer mistake, we may be force to cancel existing orders and ask they be placed again under the new price.

Billing Policy Change - Orders are charged when placed. This includes preorder items that may not ship right away. In the event your order cannot be shipped within 2 business days, you will be contacted with informations and options. It is important to note that if your order contains items which are pre orders or special orders we will hold the order until its complete.

All orders containing pre order items are held until the order is complete. If you are ordering items that are in stock now and want them shipped right away, or multiple pre order items and you want shipped as each becomes available, you should place a separate order for those items.

Cancellations: If for some reason you must cancel your preorder, please contact us by phone at 1-877-40CHAOS. Please have your order number ready.

Under the terms of Wizards of the Coast’s Authorized Internet Retailer Agreement, sells “in-print” Magic: the Gathering products for personal use to customers in the United States. We cannot sell to wholesalers, distributors, retailers, resellers, or transshippers. reserves the right to cancel preorders we believe are in violation of this policy.