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Seeking Writers for Chaosmailorder.com

Chaosmailorder.com looking for writers to compose blog entries related to miniatures gaming. Battle reports, strategy articles and product reviews/previews would all be considered. We would like to find people interested in covering the following games: Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Fantasy Battle, PP Warmachine, PP Hordes and Malifaux. We would also like to see any type of painting tips or terrian bulding ideas. these posts should be be 400 to 600 words in length.

Compensation will be possible based on volume, consistency and quality of the work submitted. We expect to offer some amount of store credit per blog post.

If you are interested in applying to write for us, please send an email to chaosmailorder@aol.com  with the following information:

Your full name:

Location:city and state, (country is outside the USA)

Contact Email:

Games you are interested in writing about:

links to any other writing you have done:(if any)

Include a breif introduction of who you are and what games you play that could serve as an introduction of yourself as the first blog post. (yes this is a writing test)

We are looking for passionate gamers who love the games/armies they will be writing about. There will usually not be assigned topics. It will be up to the writers to choose their topics. Could be your take on a new 40k codex, you opinion on some new models announced for Malifaux, a brief battle report on the game you played over the weekend and possibly even a rant from time to time. We know your post will be better if your writing about what you are currently interested in and not some topic assigned like homework.

We would hope for some regular schedule of posts for at least one post a week, but if a week is skipped here or there that usually won’t be a problem.

Applications taken by email only to Chaosmailorder@aol.com