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New Arrivals for the Week of August 20th
New Arrivals for the Week of August 20th avatar

Friday, August 20th, 2010

New arrivals and store updates for this Friday, August 20th.

White Wolf Publishing
$22.49 Signs of the Moon for Werewolf: the Forsaken

Out of the Box
$16.24 Pirate versus Pirate, a board game for 3 pirates

Z-Man Games
$29.99 The Swarm, explore the mystery of the oceanic swarm in this game based on the best-selling novel. A board game for 2 to 4 players.
$14.99 Perry Rhodan: The Cosmic League, travel and trade in this 2 player card game.
$9.00 The King Commands, duel for the rishes of fallen Camelot in this 2 to 6 player card game.
$7.00 Queen’s Ransom, discover the kidnapper and where he has hidden the queen. Card game for 2 to 5.
$7.00 Mountain of Inferno, Jouney to the West in a 2 to 4 player card game.
$7.00 Tien Zi Que, small and portable Mahjong variant for 2 in a card format.

Games Workshop
call the store at 1-877-40-CHAOS from Noon till Midnight (10:00pm on Sunday and Monday) EST to order any of our Games Workshop items.
$43.00 Bloodcrushers of Khorne, a 3 model plastic kit.
$40.00 Kairos Fateweaver, Oracle of Tzeentch, a multi-part metal kit.