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Malifaux Releases Arrive
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Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

New arrivals and individual repacks to add to your forces.  The following are instock and ready to ship.

$22.50 Nekima, The Dark Sibling (Neverborn)

$6.75 Black Blood Shaman (Neverborn)

$8.63 C. Hoffman character pack (Guild)

$9.38 Guardian (Guild)

$7.50 Hunter (Guild)

$6.75 Watcher (Guild)

$6.75 Mechanical Attendant (Guild)

Hoffman, Hamelin and more Outcasts
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Thursday, April 21st, 2011

New arrivals from Wyrd Miniatures.

$27.75 The Guild: C. Hoffman box set “Constructs of Order”.  This box set contains C. Hoffman and his mechanical marvels; 1x Guardian, 1x Hunter, and 1x Watcher.

$7.50 Neverborn Insidious Madness

For the Outcasts: $6.75 Hamelin the Plagued pack, $6.75 Obedient Wretch, $12.38 Rat-Catchers, $7.50 Nix, the Bull Terrier, and $13.50 The Stolen.

January Miniatures on Preorder!
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Thursday, January 13th, 2011

Just finished adding new miniatures and pictures for the upcoming Privateer Press releases for Hordes and Warmachine as well as the January schedule for Wyrd Miniature’s Malifaux.

The items from Privateer Press are all expected to release on January 26th.  Wyrd’s release schedule is somewhat looser, but they should arrive the last week of the month or very early February.

You can look at all the items in the Pre-Order Miniatures catagory or pick and choose individual items from among the following:

Warmachine: Cygnar Lancer (plastic), Protectorate Revenger (plastic), Cryx Deathrippers (plastic)

Hordes: Trollkin Slugger unit, Legion Bethayne & Belphagor, Legion Annyssa Ryvaal, Skorne Venator Flayer Cannon, Minion Ironback Spitter, Minion Farrow Razorback Crew

Malifaux Guild: Guild Guard Captain, Lawyer, Lucius, Ryle

Malifaux Outcasts: Taxidermist, Stuffed Piglets, Slop Haulers

More Wyrd-ness
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Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

New arivals for Malifaux from Wyrd miniatures.

$31.88 Von Schill’s Freikorps box set

$18.75 Dreamer and Lord Chmpy Bits box set

And in the blister packs… Abuela Ortega ($6.75), Coppelius ($6.75), Stitched Together ($10.50), Alps ($11.25), Daydreams ($11.25)

Malifaux: Show Girls and Spirits
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Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

Preorders from Wyrd Miniatures have arrived. The minions of Kirai and Colette are available in the store.

$6.75 Kirai Ankoku
$6.75 Ikiryo
$9.00 Seishin
$12.00 Onryo
$7.88 Datsue-Ba
$12.00 Gaki

$6.75 Colette DuBois
$6.75 Cassandra
$10.50 Performer and Mannequin 1
$10.50 Performer and Mannequin 2
$12.00 Coryphee

August Malifaux Releases Arrive
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Friday, August 27th, 2010

New releases have shipped in from the strange city of Malifaux. Take your pick from new faction boxes, the Rising Powers rulebook or a shiney new Puppet Deck.

$26.25 Rising Powers
$8.63 Puppet Deck
$32.25 Spirits of Vengeance (Kirai)
$29.25 Showgirls (Colette)
$33.75 The Desolate and Soulless (Leveticus)
$26.25 Born on the Bayou (Ophelia)

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Thursday, August 5th, 2010

New releases now avaialbe from Wyrd Miniatures for the world of Malifaux.

$9.00 Guild Austringer 1
$9.00 Guild Austringer 2
$10.50 Guild Guard (2 per pack)
$4.88 Jackalope
$6.75 Primordial Magic