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Force Org:HQ — Big Mek
Force Org:HQ — Big Mek avatar

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

While an ork warboss can stomp, chop, smash, rip, and bite his way through pretty much anything, it’s the big mek that actually ends up winning the orks most of their battles. Exceedingly useful in almost any ork list, the big mek’s combination of war gear and unit synergy make him an almost auto-include for any ork general.

Lookin' for a good scrappin'!

Big Mek Basics

  • Big Mek are incredibly cheap, costing you only slightly more than an unequipped nob before upgrades.
  • A Big Mek can be outfitted to do almost anything, from scrapping in the trenches with the boyz, to being relied on to support your other units with his gear.
  • Big Meks make any ork vehicle better, being able to reliably repair them when they get shot up—which they will.
  • Big Meks have access to the most powerful ork gun in the codex.
  • Big Meks have access to what is unquestionably the most powerful gadget in the ork codex—the kustom force field!
  • The Big Mek can’t go toe-to-toe with other enemy HQs, especially not those with a close combat specialty.


Big Mek Builds

Here are some of my favorite Big Mek builds and how I use them. I like creating thematic Mek’s, mostly because it’s fun, but also because an off-the-shelf Big Mek is basically a just an extra nob.

  • Da Power Plant: This is by far the most useful Big Mek build, because it utilizes the excellent kustom force field. With him in your list, your battlewagon spearheads and deff dread mobs suddenly get a lot scarier—shrugging off 50% of the hits they’ll take thanks to the force field’s cover save. Your mobs of boyz get some of that resilience, too, though only a 5+ cover save. The Power Plant Mek doesn’t need much else to be happy, making him a cheap and effective HQ. Make sure you at least start him tucked into a battlewagon—because it extends the force field’s range to the hull of the vehicle!
  • The Nuka: Sporting the wildly erratic—and sometimes powerful shokk attack fun, the Nuka Big Mek is the last word in ork fire support. Plant this Big Mek in an open-topped battlewagon and watch the mushroom clouds appear on the horizon. The Nuka doesn’t need any other wargear to be happy, he only needs distance and a parking spot to make the most of his gun. Keep him protected and your fire lanes clear! The Nuka excels in the few ork lists where you want your enemy to come to you, and is a great addition to a unit of Lootas. Give him a boss pole to keep your big guns a-shootin’!
  • The Scrapper: This Big Mek rocks himself a warbike and burna, joining a warbiker mob as they hunt weak targets. Here the Mek’s specialty is lost somewhat, though he’s cheaper than a similarly outfitted warboss. The Scrapper isn’t especially competitive, but fun for my junk-yard style orks. It’s a good idea to give him a powerklaw just in case the bikers can race around some exposed vehicles to rip ‘em up.

Big Mek's love their toyz.



The Big Mek is all about his wargear, since by himself he is limited to beating on people with his wrench.

  • Burna. This replaces the Mek’s CC weapon, but remember that the burna becomes a power weapon in any turn that you don’t shoot with it. Sounds good, but not worth the hefty price tag. If you’re going to spend the points, toss down the extra five to get a…
  • Power Klaw. Here we go. The best ork weapon will serve your Big Mek well, just don’t rely on the Mek’s klaw to take down anything essential; it’s more of a hit of convenience.
  • Kombi-weapons. As I’ve said before, kombi-rokkits are a waste of points; the kombi-skorcha however, is 5 points of awesome. Not only is it stronger than most ork guns, the Big Mek’s BS of 2 won’t impact its shooting. A no-brainer for aggressive Meks!
  • Kustom Mega Blasta: A surprisingly good gun for the mek. While it is somewhat expensive, the Mek can shoot it on the move and surprise your opponent. Good for the Power Plant Mek.
  • Mega-armor: Uncompetitive over-kill. A mega-nob is 35 points cheaper, but the mek’s tools can be helpful for getting a vehicle-mounted close combat unit unto the fray.
  • Shokk Attack Gun: Monstrously powerful some turns, and game wrecking others—count on this thing both winning and losing you plenty of games. Although the Strength of the gun varies, the excellent AP means that you’ve got a fair shot of killing any infantry beneath its template.
  • Kustom Force Field: So good that it’s an auto-include in any competitive list.
  • Warbike: These are always useful because they make your Mek much harder to kill—but does the speed outweigh the usefulness of a force field? Warbosses are better on bikes.
  • Ammo Runt: If you’re using the Nuka Big Mek—take an ammo runt. It’ll make the shokk attack it’s most effective. Other a Mek taking aim with a mega blasta will also benefit from one; they’re certainly cheap enough not to make a big impact.
  • Cybork Body: If you’re playing wisely, your Big Mek won’t be tackling anything too scary, so an invulnerable save isn’t as essential here as it is on a war boss. Useful if your Mek is sporting a kustom mega blasta through, since it allows you to protect from errant Get’s Hot rolls.
  • ‘eavy Armor: This armor on the other hand, should be essential. Nothing is worse than losing your Mek due to the explosion of his vehicle!
  • Bosspole: Always a smart buy, but as I’ve discussed before, these are better on nobs because they can’t be picked out by your opponent. Bosspoles are useful on Mek’s only if he’s paired with lootas or burnas.
  • Attack Squig: Fun but not essential. For the points cost you could invest in better upgrades for your other units.
  • Grot Oiler: These gretchin are handy for Big Meks running alongside deff dreads, or advancing in a battlewagon. They’ll help the Mek keep the vehicle in fighting shape easilyl


Off the Sprue

The Big Mek has three excellent metal/finecast blisters, each with a slightly different tone. However, like everything else in the ork codex, Big Meks are very easy to convert! Use a nob as your foundation, and gather as many spare parts as you can to make your Big Mek look kitted out for fixin’ or smashin’!

Force Org: Deff Dread
Force Org: Deff Dread avatar

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Crashing through everything from land raiders to carnifexes are the ork deff dreads, three stories of skorcha-spewing, tank crushing INSANITY!! If you haven’t had the joy of letting lose these clanging monstrosities than I feel sorry for you, because it’s a blast. Very few things in the 40K universe can kill things big and small as quickly as a deff dread, and they look exceptionally handsome in their orkiness when doing it. Let’s see why.

Time for a dread stompin'!

Deff Dread Basics:

  • Dreads are very good at killing things in close-combat. Anything. Their numerous dreadnought close-combat weapons give you many attacks that are incredibly strong, so don’t be afraid to be aggressive. If you aren’t attacking with your dread when you have the chance you’re probably making a mistake.
  • Deff dreads can form an excellent spearhead for your foot-sloggin’ ork army, going right for the tough stuff so the boyz can stomp face with infantry.
  • Deff dreads are cheap compared to other walkers, so you can field many of them without impacting your army list too much. Even minimally equipped they’re a big threat.
  • Deff dread shooting attacks are mediocre, so the best dreads are those with extra close-combat weapons. Running will get you closer faster so you can get their sawz and drillz and clawz on your target.


Advanced Tactiks:

  • Deff dreads are their most fearsome when deployed in groups, and when paired with a big mek equipped with a kustom forcefield. This will protect them as you charge, keeping your impact as strong as possible.
  • Dreads in the vanguard make great screens for advancing infantry. Keep a group of boyz nearby so the dreads don’t get caught up in a tarpit of weak troops.
  • Be leery of charging monstrous creatures or other walkers that beat your initiative. Your dread will probably take some serious punishment from these opponents.
  • Instead of getting your dread in the thick of things, try keeping it held back to protect an objective alongside a group of troops. Attackers will think twice before charging your position if they know they’ll have to fight the dread. If they shoot the dread on their way in then it means they’re ignoring the boyz, which means you can charge them on your turn.



Deff dreads have a solid list of weapon options, and only a few pieces of wargear. This makes them easily to drop into nearly any list. You’ll need to take two weapons, which will slightly change the way your dread behaves.

  • Extra CC weapons: This is usually the way to go, especially when you’ve got a kustom forcefield to defend the dread. The dread is really only good at fighting things, so you might as well give it the tools to make it its most lethal.
  • Big shootas: Two big shootas can make a mess, but remember that you’ll only hit with two shots on average. Great if your short on points.
  • Rokkit launchas: Two rokkits are actually worth considering, but only if your dread is going to be on the defensive. With them you can blast incoming troop transports to make infantry vulnerable. Otherwise you’ll probably be running every turn.
  • Kustom Mega-blasta: Not worth their price, since you’ll only hit with one out of three shots and the range is so close that you should be charging into melee instead of shooting anyway.
  • Skorcha: Definitely the best choice for a ranged weapon. With it you can flush out mobs of enemies that would tie up the dread in close combat with their numbers. And it’s cheap, too!
  • Grot riggers: Useful only if your dread is away from a big mek, which isn’t too advisable. Still, a dread that can’t move is practically worthless.
  • Armor plates. Handy to keep your dread on the move, and probably more useful than grot riggers, but this will drive up the cost of your dread. It’s better to keep him in a forcefield or behind a battlewagon.

Off the Sprue

The new plastic kit GW gave us last year for the deff dread is an ork player’s dream come true. It’s big, it’s bad, and it’s got a ton of personality. The model will probably steal the show when your opponent sees it riding high over your mobs.

Bits are somewhat barebones though. You won’t get much in the way of orky parts that you’ll want to save for other projects; however, the dread does come with enough weapons for any combination of wargear. This will give you lots of leftovers for arming future projects with very cool looking gunz. All in all a great kit, that while expensive, is a huge improvement over the older metal version.

It's about to get messy.