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Chaos Kitbashing
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Tuesday, January 24th, 2012

Let me come right out and say it: I don’t like a lot of the models in the Warriors of Chaos range.  Despite being some of the oldest models in the Fantasy range, the Warriors look amazing when ranked up.  Outside of that and some Lords and Heroes though, you’ll quickly find that a lot of the models aren’t too enticing, especially compared to their artwork and rules in the Army Book.

So what’s a warlord to do?  Kitbash!  Counts-as!  There are plenty of options around, and as long as you use appropriate base sizes there shouldn’t be any in-game impact.  These ideas come with a caveat that you should ensure your regular opponents are cool with these substitutions and replacements.  Rolling Beastmen units in your Chaos army might irritate some tournament players (or organizers!) for example.  With that in mind, here are some neat ideas to give your Chaos a more original, thematic look…and even save a few bucks!

Item #1: Trolls for Trolls

Left: Metal Chaos Troll ($22.25). Right: Plastic O&G River Troll (3 for $45).

Let’s start with one of the more interesting and viable Special choices: Trolls.  The Chaos Troll line is a bit underwhelming, as you’ll be looking at $22.25 per model.  While the aesthetics of the models are up to individual taste, I think we can all agree that the models look a bit…dated.  You’re actually paying a premium for metal, which is difficult to customize.  The Orcs and Goblins line has River Trolls, however, on the same 40mm base.  $45 for a box of 3 plastic, beautiful sculpts with plenty of bits to spare is a much better bargain.  With a proper paint scheme and some other Chaos bits, these trolls are a huge upgrade in my book.

Item #2: Ogres for Ogres

Left: Metal Chaos Ogre ($22.25). Right: Plastic Ogres (6 for $40)

Seem familiar?  We have the same problem — really old, expensive model in metal.  Or, you can look to another line.  Both the Chaos Ogre and the Ogre Kingdom core Ogres share a 40mm base.  The question is whether you’d rather pay $22 for one model, or less than $7 per model for a box including extra bits and accessories to make the command.  I’m not going to comment on the competitiveness of Chaos Ogres on the table, but you can bet that in terms of customization and sheer price point they lose out.

Item #3: Dragon Ogres for…

Left: Metal Dragon Ogre ($22.25). Right: Plastic Beastmen Minotaurs (3 for $45)

Ok, now you can see why I wanted to write an entire article on this.  This is the third special choice for Warriors of Chaos whose models are outdated, expensive, and metal.  The tragedy of it is that Dragon Ogres may be the most viable of the three, and their models may be the least passable.  Luckily, they share the same 40mm base as many other gorgeous models, including the Beastmen Minotaurs.  Sure, these Minotaurs don’t have the crackling lightning of the dragonborn as described in the Army Book.  Nor do they even look part dragon.  Then again, neither do the actual Dragon Ogre models.  Instead, you can buy an 80-piece plastic kit of 3 Minotaurs for the price of 2 Dragon Ogres.  This one may require opponent permission, but with creative conversion and modeling you can end up with a unique unit that looks far better than the GW options.

In Conclusion

The Warriors of Chaos have some really cool models available to them, but that just makes some of the other models stand out that much more.  If you’re willing to poke around in the other sections of GW’s website, you can find some great inspiration for kitbashing ideas.  Stay tuned for further ideas on supplementing the Chaos range with additional minis.  Don’t be afraid to peruse other lines — look at 40k, or even non-GW models — you may find something truly unique!

Beastmen and Lord of the Rings on Preorder
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Monday, January 18th, 2010

February will be Chaotic with the release of a new Warhammer Beastmen Army Book, loads of new Beastmen miniatures and some nice new Lord of the Rings models.

All prices listed are CMO prices. Remeber you get free S&H for a $100.00 or more Games Workshop order.

Item listed in Italics are limited release items and will only be available a month before moving to GW Direct. Get them now for 20% off

Releasing the week of February 6th
81-01-60 Warhammer Armies: Beastmen $20.00
81-08 Beastmen Gor Herd $19.80
81-09 Beastmen Ungor Herd $19.80
81-10 Beastmen Bestigor Herd $33.00
81-11 Beastmen Minotaurs $35.60
81-13 Beastmen Doombull $33.00
81-14 Beastmen Razorgor $20.00
81-38 Ghorros Warhoof $15.80
81-41 Malagor the Dark Omen $15.80

Releasing the week of February 20th
05-34 Winged Nazgul $46.20
03-40 Thrydan Wolfsbane $20.00
03-41 Saruman (Orthanc) $15.00

07-37 Eomer, Marshal of the Riddermark $12.00
07-40 Grimbold $9.60
07-41 Grimbold’s Helmingas Command $12.00

Releasing the Week of March 6th
81-06 Beastmen Battalion $72.00