You have not seen the last of the Death Guard!
You have not seen the last of the Death Guard! avatar

The tally of Plague Marine kits this week is 4!

We’ve received the Plague Marines, $42.50, a kit to construct Nurgle’s sacred number of troops, 7. The kit comes with a variety of weapon options from the trusty plasma and melta to more esoteric fare such as blight launcher, plaguebelcher, heavy plaguespewer, and much more.

Three individual packs also dropped out of the warp
The Biologus Putrifier, $21.25, is here to share Nurgle’s bounty and boost your blight grneades while the Plague Marine Champion, $21.25, and Plague Marine Icon Bearer, $21.25, provide players with detailed alternate sculpts to add to your existing Death Guard squads.

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