Horus Heresy: The Burning of Prospero
Horus Heresy: The Burning of Prospero avatar

This week we have the second box game from the Horus Heresy line; The Burning of Prospero. This massice boxed set come chock full of miniatures and other stuff, inlcluding all new space marines sculpts, and two character modlels. This set retails for $150.00, but you can order yours today from ChaosMailOrder.com for just $120.00, which would include free shipping to the contiguous US states.

Also releasing this week is the Burning of Prospero Painting Guide which will give you the tips and techniques you need to paint your Burning of Prospero game models. This guide is $10.00/$8.00 with the 20% discount.

We also have all of the recent Genestealer Cults releases available to order. Just give us a call!

As always, you can reach us at the number above to place an order and you can request our current Games Workshop catalog by sending an e-mail to: chaosmailorder@gmail.com.