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Dark Imperium
The age of the Dark Imperium is upon us.  We currently have stocks of the Dark Imperium boxed set, Index: Xenos 1, Sector Imperialis Objectives, Command Dice, Wound Trackers, and the Death Guard Green paint available in both Base paint and Spray.  Please follow the 8th Edition link for full details.
Flesh-Eater Courts: Nightfeast Hunters
Product ID : 100-09
Quantity in stock: 1
Ironjawz: Weirdnob Warband
Product ID : 100-10
Quantity in stock: 2
Khorne Bloodbound: Frenzied Goretribe
Product ID : 100-08
Quantity in stock: 2
Stormcast Eternals: Hammerstrike Brethren
Product ID : 100-11
Quantity in stock: 2
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Skirmish
Product ID : 80-20-60
Quantity in stock: 5

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