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New Citadel Tools Arrive This Week
We are currently taking pre-orders for the new Citadel Brand hobby tools from Games Workshop. All of these high-quality hobby tools are available from at 20% off the retail price.

First up is the Citadel Hobby knife. This stainless steel knife has a retractable blade and comes with 5 blades. Retail price on this knife is $25.00, but get it from us for only $20.00!

Also for $20.00 CMO price you can get the new Citadel Sculpting Tool Set. This set contains 3 different sculpting tools for a variety of uses from sculpting shapes out of green stuff and filling gaps to spreading textured paints and liquid green stuff on model bases. A must-have for any serious gaming modeler.

The Citadel File Set comes with 2 files that are ideal for removing join lines. The set contains a rough file and a finer file for cleaning up and shaping your models. The retail price for this set is $18.00, but the CMO price is only $14.40.

Next up we have the Citadel Fine Detail Cutters. These precision stainless steel clippers have been designed to remove parts from bits of sprue with ease. Games Workshop offers these clippers for $30.00 per pair. Get them from for just $24.00!

There's a new hand drill set that comes with 6 drill bits and a double-ended chuck. The 6 bits come in 3 different sizes that are ideal for drilling out gun barrels. The smallest size is designed to drill out lasguns, the medium bit is perfect for boltguns, and the largest bit can be used to drill out heavy bolter barrels. And of course, you can use this drill set to pin your larger models together so that they stay together better. The CMO price for the Citadel Hand Drill is just $20.80, while it would cost you $26.00 to get it from GW.

Finally this week we have a Mouldline Remover. Similar to what was previously available in the Cleanup Kit, this tool has been redesigned with a solid metal handle that gives you lots of control and allows you to quickly and easily remove mould lines from plastic and resin models. This tool retails for $17.00, but get it from for just $13.60.

Just a reminder to let you know that we have all of the recent Astra Militarum releases, including the codex, Ogryns, vehicles, and Scions on hand and ready for sale at $20% off.

To order Games Workshop products from you must call us at 1-877-40Chaos. We are here everyday from noon until at 10pm eastern time.

Check back next week when we will be looking at the new Wood Elves.
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Apr 15, 2014 by: GW At
Taking Pre-Orders for the Next Round of Astra Militarum Releases This week we have coming 3 new box sets for your Astra Militarum enjoyment. First up is the Cadian Defense Force. This 30-model set replaces the Cadian Battleforce in the role of introductory army box set for the Astra Militarum. The set includes a Chimera Transport and a Leman Russ Battle Tank as well as a Cadian Command Squad, 3 Cadian Heavy Weapon Teams, and 20 Cadian Troopers. This set is a great deal at $165.00, and an even better deal at $132.00 with 20% from

Next up we have available for pre-order a box of 3 Ogryns. This kit is full of options. In addition to Ogryns, the models can also be built as Bullgryns, and 1 of the 3 models can be built as the character Nork Deddog. The box set retails for $47.00 and is available from us for $37.60.

Our final release this week is a new plastic Commissar model. The model comes armed with a power sword and your choice of a bolt pistol or plasma pistol. The ChaosMailOrder price for this figure is $16.80, which is 20% off the retail price of $21.00.

If you still haven't picked up a copy of Codex: Astra Militarum, a Cadian Armoured Fist, or the Wyvern/Hydra Tank kit, all of which came out last week, we still have copies on hand and ready for you to order!

To order Games Workshop products from you must call us at 1-877-40Chaos. We are here everyday from noon until at 10pm eastern time.

Check back next week when we will be previewing new Citadel tool sets.
Apr 07, 2014 by: GW At
Imperial Guard Rebranded Astra Militarum; Preorders Available Now wyvernWe are now taking preorders for Codex: Astra Militarum , the Cadian Armoured Fist, and the new Hydra/Wyvern tank kit.

Codex: Astra Militarum is the essential rules document for playing your Imperial Guard. This 104 page hardback book retails for $49.50, but why pay that when you can get it from for just $39.60?

The Cadian Armoured Fist comes with a Chimera transport and a Squad of Cadians. This convenient packaging is a perfect one stop shop for adding to your Astra Militarum army or allying an Armoured Fist into another army. This package deal retails for $60.00, but get it from CMO for just $48.00.

Last up we have the Hydra/Wyvern kit. What would the Imperial Guard be without their wonderful armoured divisions? This tank kit, based on the Chimera chassis allows you to build either the anti-air Hydra tank with its 2 twin-linked Autocannons or the Wyvern which features anti-infantry mortars bound to give any enemy a bad day. This tank kit retails for $56.00, but preorder it today from for just $44.80.

Both the Militarum Tempestus Scions and the Taurox transport have arrived from Games Workshop and are available for sale now.  With our standard 20% discount, the Scions are available for $28.00 per 5-man box and the Taurox is $38.40.

To order Games Workshop products from you must call us at 1-877-40Chaos. we are here everyday from noon until at 10pm eastern time.

Check back next week when we'll be taking pre-orders for the new Ogryns.