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Nov 18, 2014 by: GW At
Shield of Baal and More Tyranids
New this week is The Shield of Baal: Leviathan book set, the new Tyranid Painting Guide, called Invasion Swarms and a box set of plastic Venomthropes/Zoanthropes.

The Shield of Baal: Leviathan book set is already sold out on the Games Workshop website and was allocated to us. So if you want one, you will need to order it quickly or miss out forever. Due to the allocated and limited availability of this item there will be no discount offered. This book set retails for $74.25.

Want to know how to paint your Tyranid models so they have that professional look? Then you need to get your hands on Invasion Swarms, the new Tyranids Painting Guide due out this week. This soft-cover painting guide retails for $33.00, be we are offering it here at for just $26.40.

Lastly we have new this week a plastic set of Venomthropes to add to your Tyranid army. This box set makes 3 models and you can choose to build them as either Venomthropes or Zoanthropes. You may alternately choose to upgrade one of the Zoanthropes to a Neurothrope. This 80 piece plastic kit is available to you for $52.80, down from the retail price of $66.00.

To place an order with for Games Workshop products, call us at 1-877-40Chaos. We are open everyday from noon until 10:00pm Eastern time.
Star Trek: Oversized Borg Cube
Product ID : wzk71792
Quantity in stock: 3
Robotech RPG Tactics core box
Product ID : plb55100
Quantity in stock: 4
Fate Reforged, Booster Box
Product ID : FR_mtg_box
Quantity in stock: 10
Fate Reforged, Fat Pack
Product ID : FR_fat_pack
Quantity in stock: 10
Infinity: Operation Icestorm
Product ID : cvb280006
Quantity in stock: 1

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Nov 11, 2014 by: GW At
Tyranids and Dark Vengeance Expansions This week from Games workshop we are expecting the new Tyranid Tyrannocyte model and two expansions, one Crimson Slaughter and one Dark Angels, for the Dark Vengeance starter set.

The Tyrannocyte can be assembled in a couple of different ways to suit your modeling aesthetic and also has three different armament options- death spitters, barbed stranglers, or venom cannons. In addition, the model can also be assembled as a sporcyst and Mucolid Spore. This plastic kit retails for $63.00, but you can pre-order one for just $50.40.

The Crimson Slaughter Dark Vengeance expansion set comes with a Chaos Land raider, 5 Warp Talons, 5 Chaos Terminators, and 5 Cultists. This set retails for $135.00 and the CMO price is $108.00. For just a little bit more you can get the Dark Angels expansion instead. It comes with a Ravenwing Dark Talon, 3 Ravenwing Black Knights, and 5 Deathwing Terminators. Our price for the Dark Angels expansion set is $112.00.

We also have on hand for order at 20% off the retail price the Tyranid Toxicrene model. You can order one for just $58.40!

Check back next week when there will be more Tyranid releases.

To place an order with for Games Workshop products, call us at 1-877-40Chaos. We are open everyday from noon until 10pm Eastern time.
Oct 04, 2014 by: GW At
The Dark Eldar Have Arrived! New this week we have the Codex: Dark Eldar, the Raiders of Commorrach: Dark Eldar Painting Guide, the Void Raven Bomber, and 2 transport package deals; one with a Raider and Kabalite Warriors and another with a Raider and Wyches.

The new codex contains all the rules and fluff you need to play your Dark Eldar army. This hardcover rulebook retails for $49.50, but we sell it for just $39.60. The Painting Guide runs $33.00 from Games Workshop, but you can get it from us for just $26.40. The beautiful Void Raven centerpiece model will run you $80.00 retail, but get it from us for only $64.00. The Kabalite Skysplinter and Wych Cult Swiftshard deals would run you $60.00 each, which itself is a deal from buying the Raider and Troop separately, but at, you will pay only $48.00 each for these deals. 45-01-60

Also available to order are the plastic Haemonculus blister pack, the Wracks box set and Incubi Darkness Spray Paint. The Haemonculus retails for $26.00, but for 20% off at CMO, that is only $20.80. The Wracks box set makes 5 Wracks, including multiple heads and 2 sets of arms that would allow you to convert wracks into a raider pilot and/or gunner. This set retails for $36.00, but the CMO price is only $28.80. The Incubi Darkness spray is also available for 20% off the retail price which is $14.40 per can.

To place an order with for Games Workshop products, call us at 1-877-40Chaos. We are open everyday from noon until 10pm Eastern time.